• Alternative Fuels CD 04

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3491 Anaerobic Digestion of Municipal Solid Waste 

3483 Anaerobic Digestion of Municipal Solid Waste: Technical Developments 

3462 Biomass Utilisation: A Perspective of Task X IEA Bioenergy Agreement 1992-1994 

3484 Biomass-Derived Oxygenates for Transportation Fuels 

3461 Biosyngas Fuels Project Plan 

3468 Butanol Toxicity in the Butylic Formation 

3464 Characterization and Methane Fermentation of Soluble Products from Staged Autohydrolysis of Wood 

3486 Commercialization of Biomass Ethanol: Plant Siting Studies

3481 Compositional Variability in Herbaceous Energy Crops 

3467 Enhanced Alcohol Production through On-Line Extraction 

3476 Feasibility of a Novel Low-Energy Extraction Process for Separating Ethanol and Water Using Conjugating Solutions 

3477 "Full Fuel Cycle Analysis of Waste Biomass to Ethanol: Waste Collection, Preparation, and Transportation" 

3469 Hollow-Fiber Enzyme Reactors in Cellulose Hydrolysis 

3492 Horsepower Requirements for High-Solids Anaerobic Digestion 

3490 Limiting Factors in the Simultaneous Saccharification and Fermentation Process for Conversion of Cellulosic Biomass to Fuel Ethanol 

3488 Low Molecular Weight Thermostable beta-D-Glucosideas from Acidothermus cellulolyticus 

3465 Methane Production and Effluent Quality from Fermentation of Beef Cattle Manure and Molasses 

3471 Municipal Solid Waste Evaluation: A Geographic Information System Ministudy 

3463 Partial Acid Hydrolysis of Poplar Wood as a Pretreatment for Enzymatic Hydrolysis 

3485 Plant Variability and Bio-Oil Properties 

3494 Processing and Economic Impacts of Biomass Delignification for Ethanol Production 

3495 Promising Ethanologens for Xylose Fermentation 

3489 Purification Process for Succinic Acid Produced by Fermentation 

3493 Quantitation of Acidothermus cellulolyticus E1 Endoglucanase and Thermomonospora fusca E3 Exoglucanase Using Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) 

3470 Rapid Determination of Yeast Viability 

3487 Starch Esters as Biodegradable Plastics: Effects of Ester Group Chain Length and Degree of Substitution on Anaerobic Degradation 

3466 Technology for Fuel Ethanol Production from Cellulosic Biomass 

3482 The Anaerobic Digestion Process 

3479 The DOE/NREL Ethanol from Biomass Program 

3480 Variability in the Composition of Short Rotation Woody Feedstocks 

3496 Vendor Test Studies Supporting the Design of a Biomass-to-Ethanol Pilot Plant 






Alternative Fuels CD 04

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