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3814 A Look Back at the U.S. Department of Energy's Aquatic Species Program: Biodiesel from Algae 

3565 A Novel Acyltransferase Activity in an Oleaginous Alga 

3716 Action Plan to Promote the Development and Use of E85 as an Alternative Transportation Fuel 

3720 Advanced Bioethanol Production Technologies: A Perspective 

3524 Advanced Process Options for Bioethanol Production 

3766 "Aftermarket Vehicle Conversions, chapter from the Federal Alternative Motor Fuels Programs - Fifth Annual Report to Congress -" 

3705 "Alternative Fuel News, Volume 2 Issue 2" 

3765 Alternative Fuel Vehicle Fleet Buyer's Guide 

3623 Alternative Fuels The Road Not Taken 

3812 An Overview of Biodiesel and Petroleum Diesel Life Cycles 

3507 Analysis of Solids Resulted from Dilute-Acid Pretreatment of Lignocellulosic Biomass 

3569 "Assessment of Biomass Variability, Biomass Conversion, and Ethanol Use" 

3519 Biocatalyst Development for Bioethanol Production from Hydrolysates 

3728 Biodiesel - Completed Projects and Reports Available (as of Feb. 1996) 

3729 Biodiesel - Easier on Marine Environment 

3732 Biodiesel - Promising Future for Mining Industry 

3731 "Biodiesel - Safer, Cleaner Market for Government Fleets" 

3730 Biodiesel Fuel Facts - Practical Alternative for Marine Market 

3622 Biodiesel Industry Contacts 

3815 Biodiesel Research Progress 1992-1997 

3514 Bioethanol Market Forces 

3664 Biofuels For the Global Environment Bioethanol - the Climate-Cool Fuel 

3679 "Biofuels Update: Report on U.S. DOE Biofuels Technology - Summer 1997 (Vol.5, Iss. 4)" 

3516 Biomass Feedstock Resources and Composition 

3594 Building a Bridge to the Ethanol Industry 

3521 Cellulase Production 

3518 "Cellulases: Structure, Function, and Applications" 

3522 Cellulose Bioconversion Technology 

3872 Clean Cities Guide to Federal Incentives & Laws 

3503 Cloning and Expression of Full-Length Tricoderma reesei Cellobiohydrolase in Escherichia coli 

3748 "Cofermentation of Glucose, Xylose, and Arabinose by Mixed Cultures of Two Genetically Engineered Zymomonas mobilis Strains" 

3506 Commercialization of Biomass Ethanol Technology: Feasibility Studies for Biomass-to-Ethanol Production Facilities 

3744 Comparison of Yellow Poplar Pretreatment Between NREL Digester and Sunds Hydrolyzer 

3782 Continuous Countercurrent Chromatographic Separator for the Purification of Sugars from Biomass Hydrolyzate 

3749 Continuous Culture Studies of Xylose-Fermenting Zymomonas mobilis 

3752 Demonstration-Scale Evaluation of a Novel High-Solids Anaerobic Digestion Process for Converting Organic Wastes to Fuel Gas and Compost 

3570 Deploying Anaerobic Digesters: Current Status and Future Possibilities 

3498 "Design and Initial Operation of a High-Solids, Pilot-Scale Reactor for Dilute-Acid Pretreatment of Lignocellulosic Biomass" 

3504 Detailed Material Balance and Ethanol Yield Calculations for the Biomass-to-Ethanol Conversion Process 

3751 "Development of a Novel, Two-Step Process for Treating Municipal Biosolids for Beneficial Reuse" 

3530 Development of an Arabinose-Fermenting Zymomonas mobilis Strain by Metabolic Pathway Engineering 

3505 Development of an Epi-Fluorescence Assay for Monitoring Yeast Viability and Pretreatment Hydrolysate Toxicity in the Presence of Lignocellulosic Solids 

3745 Dilute Acid Pretreatment of Softwoods 

3608 Dimethyl Ether as a Transportation Fuel: A State-Of-The-Art Survey 

3590 Economic Fundamentals of Ethanol Production from Lignocellulosic Biomass 

3735 Energy Education Resources: Kindergarten through 12th Grade 

3592 Enhanced Cofermentation of Glucose and Xylose by Recombinant Saccharomyces Yeast Strains in Batch and Continuous Operating Modes 

3515 Environmental Impacts of Biomass Ethanol 

3882 Ethanol Demand in U.S. Gasoline Production 

3525 Ethanol from Corn: Technology and Economics 

3589 Ethanol Production from Lignocellulosic Biomass 

3511 Ethanol Production from Lignocellulosic Biomass: Overview

384 Evaluation of Pretreatments of Biomass for Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Cellulose. 

3722 Evaluation of PTMSP Membranes in Achieving Enhanced Ethanol Removal from Fermentations by Pervaporation 

3719 Expression of Microbispora bispora Bgl B B-D-Glucosidase in Streptomyces lividans 

3613 Fact Sheet on Executive Order #13031 

3508 Fast Pyrolysis of Stored Biomass Feedstocks 

3567 Feasibility Studies for Biomass-to-Ethanol Production Facilities in Florida and Hawaii 

3674 Ford - 2000 Retail AFV Product Line-up 

3591 Fundamentals of Production from Renwable Feedstocks and Use as a Transportation Fuel 

3725 Genetic Engineering Approaches for Enhanced Production of Biodiesel Fuel from Microalgae 

3558 Handbook of Size Exclusion Chromatography 

3517 Hemicellulases: Diversity and Applications 

3523 Hemicellulose Conversion to Ethanol 

3750 Hydrolysis of Cellulose Using Ternary Mixtures of Purified Cellulases 

3726 Identification of Inhibitory Components in Dilute Acid Pretreated Lignocellulosic Materials 

3739 IEA AFIS Fuels Update 

3564 Initial Approaches to Artificial Cellulase Systems for Conversion of Biomass to Ethanol 

3526 Integrated Bioprocess Development for Bioethanol Production 

3500 Kinetic and Modeling Investigation on Two-Stage Reverse-Flow Reactor as Applied to Dilute-Acid Pretreatment of Cultural Residues 

3813 Life Cycle Inventory of Biodiesel and Petroleum Diesel for Use in an Urban Bus 

3509 Likely Features and Costs of Mature Biomass Ethanol Technology 

3683 Low-Cost Conformable Storage to Maximize Vehicle Range 

3502 Manipulation of Microalgal Lipid Production Using Genetic Engineering 

3497 Metabolic Engineering of a Pentose Metabolism Pathway in Ethanologenic Zymomonas Mobilis 

3578 Methanol Industry Contacts 

3837 Methanol Refueling Station Costs 

3528 Methods for the Chemical Analysis of Biomass Process Streams 

3571 Near Term Application of Biotechnology to Fuel Ethanol Production from Lignocellulosic Biomass 

3595 Net Present Value Analysis to Select Public R&D Programsa nd Valuate Expected Private Sector Participation 

3741 "Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, Alternative Fuel Transportation Program; P-series fuels" 

3568 NREL/DOE Ethanol Pilot-Plant: Current Status and Capabilities 

3724 Oil Production by Microalgae in Outdoor Mass Culture 

3499 "Optimization of Reverse-Flow, Two-Temperature, Dilute-Acid Pretreatment to Enhance Biomass Conversion to Ethanol" 

3721 Optimization of Seed Production for a Simultaneous Saccharification Cofermentaion Biomass-to-Ethanol Process Using Recombinant Zymomonas 

3593 Optimization of Seed Production for a Simultaneous Saccharification Cofermentation Biomass-to-Ethanol Process Using Recombinant Zymomonas 

3738 "Overview and Evaluation of Fuel Ethanol from Cellulosic Biomass: Technology, Economics, the Environment, and Policy" 

3513 Performance of Ethanol as a Transportation Fuel 

3585 Polysaccharide Hydrolase Folds Diversity of Structure and Convergence of Function 

3520 Pretreatment of Biomass 

3743 Pretreatment of Softwood by Acid-Catalyzed Steam Explosion Followed by Alkali Extraction 

3510 Pretreatment Technology for the Beneficial Biological Reuse of Municipal Sewage Sludges 

3605 Production of Lactic Acid from Wastepaper as a Cellulosic Feedstock 

3527 Reivew of Pilot Plant Programs for Bioethanol Conversion 

3734 SERBEP Update July 1998 

3586 Simultaneous Saccharification and Fermentation of Pretreated Hardwoods 

3684 Southeastern Regional Biomass Energy Program (SERBEP) Update - February 1998 

3703 Southeastern Regional Biomass Energy Program (SERBEP) Update - May/June 1998 

3647 Southeastern Regional Biomass Energy Program (SERBEP) Update - October 1997 

3512 "Strategic, Economic, and Environmental Issues for Transportation Fuels" 

3655 Tax Relief for Alternative Fuels Information Update Interstate Clean Transportation Corridor 

3598 The Ethanol Heavy-Duty Truck Fleet Demonstration Project 

3692 The Governors' Ethanol Coalition Marketing Communications Plan 

3693 "The Governors' Ethanol Coalition Research Summary Report. Drivers Awareness, Attitudes & Usage Of Ethanol-Blended Fuel" 

3816 The Role of Bioethanol in Global Climate Change 

3588 The Status of the DOE/NREL Ethanol from Biomass Project 

3566 The Use of Microalgae for Assimilation and Utilization of Carbon Dioxide from Fossil Fuel-Fired Power Plant Flue Gas 

3587 Use of a New Membrane-Reactor Saccharification Assay to Evaluate the Performance of Cellulases under Simulated SSF Conditions 

3753 "Use of Net Present Value Analysis to Evaluate a Publicly Funded Biomass-to-Ethanol Research, Development, and Demonstration Program and Valuate Expected Private Sector Participation" 

3857 Wastewater Treatment Options for the Biomass-to-Ethanol Process 

3747 Yeast Adaptation on Softwood Prehydrolysate 










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