• Miscellaneous NASA Technical Documentation

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tm104092.pdf - John N. Shoosmith, Introduction to the LaRC Central Scientific Computing Complex, NASA TM 104092 (Revised), November, 1993 

tm104196.pdf - Butler, Ricky W. and Di Vito, Ben L., Formal Design and Verification of a Reliable Computing Platform for Real-Time Control (Phase 2 Results), NASA TM-104196, January 1992 

tm107606.pdf - William L. Kleb and K. James Weilmuenster, A High Angle of Attack Inviscid Shuttle Orbiter Computation, NASA TM-107606, April, 1992, pp. 21 

tm107682.pdf - William A. Wood and Richard. A. Thompson, Combined LAURA-UPS Hypersonic Solution Procedure, NASA TM-107682, March 1993 

tm107684.pdf - M.-A. K. Posenau, Approaches to High Aspect Ratio Triangulations, NASA Technical Memorandum 107684, August 1993, This is a longer version of a paper which appeared in Proceedings of the 5th Canadian Conference on Computational Geometry, Waterloo, Ontario, 

tm107708.pdf - Jack D. Leatherwood and Brenda M. Sullivan, Effect of Sonic Boom Asymmetry on Subjective Loudness, NASA TM-107708, December 1992, pp. 30 

tm107746.pdf - Brenda M. Sullivan and Jack D. Leatherwood, A Laboratory Study of Subjective Response to Sonic Booms Measured at White Sands Missile Range, NASA TM-107746, May 1993, pp. 35, The report is missing several figures. 

tm107756.pdf - Jack D. Leatherwood and Brenda M. Sullivan, Loudness and Annoyance Response to Simulated Outdoor and Indoor Sonic Booms, NASA TM-107756, May 1993, pp. 36 

tm107764.pdf - Brenda M. Sullivan and Jack D. Leatherwood, Subjective Response to Simulated Sonic Booms With Ground Reflections, NASA TM-107764, June 1993, pp. 33, The report is missing several figures. 

tm107964.pdf - William A. Wood, Combined LAURA-UPS Solution Procedure for Chemically-Reacting Flows, NASA TM 107964, June 1994, (388KB) 

tm108985.pdf - Stephen J. Alter and Kenneth J. Weilmuenster, The Three-Dimensional Multi-block Advanced Grid Generation System (3DMAGGS), NASA TM-108985, May, 1993 

tm108986.pdf - Stephen J. Alter and Kenneth J. Weilmuenster, Single Block Three-Dimensional Volume Grids About Complex Aerodynamic Configurations, NASA TM-108986, November, 1993, Also available as AIAA-93-3392 

tm109025.pdf - Joseph A. Kaplan and Michael L. Nelson, A Comparison of Queueing, Cluster and Distributed Computing Systems, NASA TM-109025 (Revision 1), June 1994, pp. 50, (96KB) 

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Miscellaneous NASA Technical Documentation

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