• NASA Technical Documentation Before 1995

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NASA-60-tnd464.pdf - Robert J. Pegg and Andrew B. Connor, Effects of Control-Response Characteristics on the Capability of a Helicopter for Use as a Gun Platform, NASA TN D-464, September 1960, pp. 17, (948KB) 

NASA-60-tnd535.pdf - Robert J. Pegg, Damage Incurred on a Tilt-Wing Multipropeller VTOL/STOL Aircraft Operating Over a Level, Gravel-Covered Surface, NASA TN D-535, December 1960, pp. 14, (2MB) 

NASA-61-tm74736.pdf - Manned Lunar-Landing Through Use of Lunar-Orbit Rendezvous---Volume 1, NASA TM-74736, January 1961, pp. 99, (7.7MB) 

NASA-61-tnd987.pdf - Robert G. Thomson and Edwin T. Kruszewski, Cross-Sectional Deformations of Monocoque Beams and Their Effects on the Natural Vibration Frequencies, NASA TN D-987, December 1961, pp. 45, (2.3MB) 

NASA-62-tnd1370.pdf - Robert T. Swann and Claud M. Pittman, Numerical Analysis of the Transient Response of Advanced Thermal Protection Systems, NASA TN D-1370, July 1962, pp. 39, (2MB) 

NASA-62-tnd1375.pdf - Robert J. Pegg, Flight-Test Investigation of Ailerons as a Source of Yaw Control on the VZ-2 Tilt-Wing Aircraft, NASA TN D-1375, July 1962, pp. 25, (656KB) 

NASA-62-tnd989.pdf - Robert J. Pegg, Summary of Flight-Test Results of the VZ-2 Tilt-Wing Aircraft, NASA TN D-989, February 1962, pp. 43, (2MB) 

NASA-63-tnd1949.pdf - Herman L. Bohon, Flutter of Flat Rectangular Orthotropic Panels With Biaxial Loading and Arbitrary Flow Direction, NASA TN D-1949, September 1963, (2MB) 

NASA-65-tnd2680.pdf - Robert J. Pegg, Henry L. Kelley and John P. Reeder, Flight Investigation of the VZ-2 Tilt-Wing Aircraft, NASA TN D-2680, March 1965, (3MB) 

NASA-65-tnd3010.pdf - Martin M. Mikulas, Jr. and John A. McElman, On Free Vibrations of Eccentrically Stiffened Cylindrical Shells and flat Plates, NASA TN D-3010, September 1965, (1MB) 

NASA-66-tnd3466.pdf - W. B. Fichter, A Theory for Inflated Thin-Wall Cylindrical Beams, NASA TN D-3466, June 1966, pp. 21, (947KB) 

NASA-66-tnd3702.pdf - James Kent Anderson, Bending Tests of Two Large-Diameter Corrugated Cylinders With Eccentric Ring Stiffeners, NASA TN D-3702, November 1966, (2MB) 

NASA-67-tnd4124.pdf - George E. Weeks, Buckling of a Pressurized Toroidal Ring Under Uniform External Loading, NASA TN D-4124, August 1967, (1MB) 

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NASA Technical Documentation Before 1995

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