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14043 Builder 3 & 2, Volume 1

Contains information on the following topics: construction administration and safety; drawings and specifications; woodworking tools, materials and methods of woodworking; fiber line, wire rope, and scaffolding; leveling and grading; concrete; placing concrete; masonry; and planning, estimating, and scheduling.

14044 Builder 3 & 2, Volume 2

Contains information on floor and wall construction; roof framing; exterior and interior finishing; plastering, stuccoing, and ceramic tile; paint and preservatives; advanced base field structures; and heavy construction.

14045 Builder Advanced

Builders inspect and maintain existing structures and plan and construct new permanent and field structures. This course covers technical administration, planning, estimating, scheduling, project planning, concrete, masonry, and heavy construction, shop organization, millworking, quality control, maintenance inspections, Advanced Base Functional Components Field Structures, and K-spans.

14026 Construction Electrician Basic

This combination TRAMAN/NRTC contains information on Construction Support, Drawings and Specifications, Power Generation, Power Distribution, Interior Wiring, Communications and Lighting, and Electrical Appliances, Test Equipment, Motors, and Generators.

14027 Construction Electrician Intermediate

This combination TRAMAN/NRTC is a continuation of information covered in the Construction Electrician Basic TRAMAN. The major topics in this TRAMAN are Construction Support, Drawings and Specifications, Generators, Electrical Distribution, Interior Wiring, Fiber Optics and Lighting Systems, Electrical Equipment, and Alarm Systems.

14264 Construction Mechanic Basic, Volume 1

Construction Mechanic, Volume 01 consists of chapters covering technical administration, principles of an internal combustion engine, construction of an internal combustion engine, gasoline fuel systems, diesel fuel systems and cooling and lubricating systems.

14273 Construction Mechanic Basic, Volume 2

Consists of eight chapters that cover basic automotive electricity; automotive electrical circuits and wiring; hydraulic and pneumatic systems; automotive clutches; transmissions; and transaxles; drive lines; differentials; drive axles and power train accessories; construction equipment power trains; brakes, and automotive chassis and body.

14050 Construction Mechanic, Advanced

Describes the duties and responsibilities of the construction mechanic in a battalion or Public Works assignment. Their tasks concern procedures for conducting vehicle safety inspections and Battalion Equipment Evaluation Programs; overhauling internal combustion engines; and troubleshooting vehicle electrical systems, fuel systems, and power trains (including automatic transmissions), hydraulic systems, air-conditioning systems, and wheel and track alignment systems.

14233 Naval Construction Force/Seabee 1 & C

Provides information needed by first class and chief petty officers in the Seabee ratings. Subjects included are: administration; project and construction planning and management; advanced base planning and embarkation; battalion turnover and tool management; NCF camp maintenance; environmental pollution control; contract Quality Assurance; and facilities maintenance management.

14250 Steelworker, Volume 1

Covers properties and uses of metals and alloys, basic heat treatment of metals, and an introduction to welding, gas cutting, gas welding, soldering, brazing, braze welding, wearfacing, shielded metal-arc welding and wearfacing, gas-shielded-arc welding.

14251 Steelworker, Volume 2

Steelworkers fabricate and erect or install pre-engineered structures and layout and fabricate structural steel and fiber-glass duct. This course covers the layout and fabrication of sheet metal, fiber-glass duct, structural steel and pipe; the handling and care of wire rope and fiber line; the operation of hoisting devices and rigging; and procedures for erecting or assembling steel buildings, towers, antennas, tanks, airfield mattings and k-spans.

14256 Tools and Their Uses

Provides information on the use and care of basic hand tools and measuring tools. It covers the types and uses of a large number of basic tools used in many jobs throughout the Navy. The safety requirements, general care, and repair procedures are discussed for each tool. This course is intended for use by all Navy personnel. The text used with this course furnishes information on how to choose the proper tool for each job, examples of how the tools should be used, and the safety precautions that must be followed. Students may keep the text for future reference. When they need information about a specific tool or operation, they can simply refer to the alphabetical index at the end of the manual and turn to the pages that apply.

14259 Utilitiesman (Advanced)

Provides information pertaining to blueprint reading and technical drawings; planning, estimating, and scheduling; planning plumbing projects; fire protection systems; water treatment and purification; sewage treatment and disposal; compressed air systems; boilers; duct and ventilation systems, air conditioning and refrigeration; and environmental pollution control.

14265 Utilitiesman Basic, Volume 1

Utilitiesman Basic, Volume 01 consists of chapters on plans, specifications, and color coding; Advanced Base Functional Components (ABFC); plumbing; plumbing valves and accessories; plumbing fixtures and plumbing repairs; prime movers, pumps and compressors; water treatment; and maintenance of water treatment equipment.

14279 Utilitiesman Basic, Volume 2

This TRAMAN/NRTC consists of 7 chapters that cover boilers, boiler maintenance, boiler water treatment and cleaning, steam distribution systems, heating systems, galley equipment, laundry equipment, refrigeration, and air conditioning.

Navy Construction Manuals CD-Rom

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