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14010 Aerographer's Mate 1 & C 

Provides Aerographer's Mates with occupational information on the following areas: convergence, divergence, and vorticity; the forecasting of upper air systems; the forecasting of surface systems; the forecasting of weather elements; the forecasting of severe weather features; sea surface forecasting; meteorological products and tactical decision aids; oceanographic products and tactical decision aids; operational oceanography; tropical forecasting; weather radar; meteorological and oceanographic briefs; and administration and training. 

82853 Aerographer's Mate 1 & C 
14269 Aerographer's Mate, Module 1, Surface Weather Observations 

Serves as an introduction to identifying cloud types, surface weather observation elements, and conducting surface weather observations. The module also includes a complete explanation of how to record and encode surface METAR observations, and a description of meteorological observation equipment ashore and aboard ship. 

14270 Aerographer's Mate, Module 2, Miscellaneous Observations and Codes 

Introduces and demonstrates the procedures for using meteorological upper air equipment and bathythermograph equipment to acquire upper air and bathythermograph data. Describes the proper procedures for encoding and decoding upper air and bathythermograph observations. Module 2 also discusses aviation observations and codes such as Terminal Aerodrome Forecasts (TAFs) Pilot Weather Reports (PIREPS) and includes chapters on Surf Observation procedures and Radiological Fallout and Chemical Contamination plotting procedures. 

14271 Aerographer's Mate, Module 3, Environmental Satellites and Weather Radar 

Serves as an introduction to the various types of environmental satellites, satellite imagery, associated terminology, and equipment. In addition, Module 3 also contains information on the Weather Surveillance Radar - 1998 Doppler (WSR88D), including radar principles and equipment configuration and operation. 

14272 Aerographer's Mate, Module 4, Environmental Communications and Administration 

Serves as an introduction to the most widely used environmental communications systems within the METOC community. It also describes the software programs and products associated with these systems. Module 4 concludes with a discussion of basic administration procedures. 

14312 Aerographer's Mate, Module 5, Basic Meteorology 

This NRTC describes the basic fundamentals of meteorology, atmosphere physics, atmospheric circulation, air masses and fronts, atmospheric phenomena, climate and climatology.

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