• Navy Engine Mechanic

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14037 Basic Machines 

Covers the simplest machine-levers; block and tackle; wheel and axle; inclined plane and wedges; screw and gears. Internal combustion engines and power trains have cursory coverage. 

14075 Engineman 1 & C 

Provides training on the following subject matter areas: Describes procedures for scheduling, administering, and supervising work; the purpose and nature of the Engineering Operational Sequencing System and Engineering Operational Casualty Control System; troubleshooting and corrective maintenance procedures for diesel engines, their accessories, reduction gears, main line shafts and shaft bearings; factors affecting engine performance and efficiency; construction, troubleshooting and maintenance of complex refrigeration and air conditioning systems, compressed air systems, auxiliary boilers, and hydraulic systems; procedures for engineering casualty control, maintaining engineering records and reports, conducting trials of engineering equipment and systems, and preparing for administrative and operational inspection. 

14076 Engineman 2 

Prepares enlisted personnel for advancement to petty officer second class in the Engineman rating. This course includes the following topics: administration and training; measuring and repair instruments; internal combustion engines; speed controlling devices; refrigeration and air-conditioning; compressed air systems; laundry, mess deck, galley, scullery, and other auxiliary equipment; and lathe and machining operations. 

14080 Equipment Operator, Advanced 

Provides the basic information required for advanced equipment operators to perform the duties and responsibilities of the following positions: Transportation Supervisor; Air Detachment Equipment Supervisor; Crane Crew Supervisor; Project Supervisor; Quarry Supervisor; Crusher Supervisor; Concrete Batch Plant Supervisor; Asphalt Plant Supervisor; and Well Drilling Supervisor. 

14081 Equipment Operator, Basic 

Covers the principles and operations of electrical and hydraulic systems, engine systems, power trains, chassis systems, tractortrailers, dump trucks, front-end loaders, excavators, ditchers, graders, scrapers, dozers, rollers, cranes, paving equipment and miscellaneous equipment. Also covered are rules of the road, transportation operations, and rigging. 

14105 Fluid Power 

Presents the fundamentals of fluid power (hydraulics and pneumatics); emphasizes fluid power components and systems having general application in naval equipment. Intended as a basic reference for all Navy personnel whose duties require them to have a knowledge of the fundamentals of fluid power. 

14111 Gas Turbine Systems Supervisor 

Provides information needed by senior petty officers and chiefs responsible for the management, training, and administering of Gas Turbine Systems personnel. Subjects included are programs, reports, and records; power train and propulsion systems; and gas turbine maintenance.

Navy Engine Mechanic

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